Daughters Are Precious : Satyamev Jayate Episode 1 – 06 May 2012

I knew it from the beginning that improving education system and providing employment will not solve such problems. This problem can only be solved by “Awareness”. Awareness about understanding the cycle of this life. Awareness about living in a society with a girl child. How to tackle the problems associated with raising a girl child like education , dowry, insecurities, vansh etc. Most of the female foeticide happened mainly because of two things :
1. Status and Reputation in the society – [Social Stigma]
2. They don’t want to take the pain later in their life.

Former cause is related with various other problems which needs to be solved first but still we can educate them about benefits of having a girl child in THEIR life, why should we provide good education to girls, why should we treat them equally with a lots of successful examples in front of them (not like Kalpana Chawla, Meira Kumar, Indira Gandhi etc but real life examples which they have seen in their life).

You know when a “proud father of a son (PFOS)” sits with a “father of a daughter (FOD)”, the “father of daughter” can’t really present counter arguments to support a good living/raising of a girl child. From our heritage – books, stories, etc – we have been taught that man dominates. We (All Humankind) have accepted this fact gracefully. This has to be changed by raising your girls and making them successful. This would give them a chance to stand in front of “proud father of a son”.We have to provide them all kinds of answers which one generally face, we have to oragnize a lot of seminars where directly or indirectly we give answers to all the tough questions asked by “proud father of a son” to “father of a daughter.”

If you understand human psychology, you will understand that we can train our brain for anything like we have been trained to create our belief system – Allah, Bhagwan, God etc. To bring this change we first change the mind of the human being that can only be done if we are able to answer their [PFOS] question carefully and wait for the results. Just like people stand for their belief system, people will take a stand about their belief on equality of child.

I h ave seen many government organization which promotes decreasing girls ratio, female education etc. I think highlighting gender ratio won’t solve the problem. Because this is directly not affecting their [PFOD] life. This problem is like decrement in petrol wells, we can’t ask you to ride on a bicycle to save some petrol. We can always justify ourselves to use petrol cars. Similarly, these guys justify of not having a girl child. So, they must be taught about what a girl child can bring on “THEIR” plate eventually societies. This small writeup can’t cover all those ideas.

Secondly, they think girls increase pain in their life. Why would one take pain in their life if they can afford to have some better one? By pain I mean, pain of raising a girl child. Its hard ! Dowry the main culprit. This should be completely ban. I am not creating a new”law”. Law is a foolish thing until and unless it doesn’t punish you. I am talking about “banning” the guy who supports dowry. Generally, dowry is shown off back to the society and we promote them ourselves by making it a big deal. We should make these guys feel like hell for this ACT. If he sees his loss of friends and family, he will definitely think about it.Have you seen guys in your society who has a habit of making you feel sorry and sad like “Sharma ji ki kya aukat ki woh BMW le, chori ka paisa hoga.”. It works like “Peer Programming”. Your faults has been highlighted by someone else and that why you are always tranparent. We should do it with “Doguys” = “Dowry Guys”. We should pinch them here and then so that the cycle of dowry system break.

I have said enough, to summarize everything we can solve it not by education or by employment. We can only solve it by “Awareness” the changes a girl can bring in “THEIR” life first, eventually society and then country. Issues are just two: Status Issue and pain in raising a girl child i.e dowry, vansh, insecurity etc. We have to tackle it very closely by providing them an answer to their questions.

Wish you good luck in your endeavor.

Jai Hind !

Love your girl, because they define it ! “



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