तुम बुरे हो

सब रूठे हैं यहाँ मुझसे, किसी के पास दो पल नहीं|

मैं आगे बढ़ा और हाथ बढ़ा कर पुछा “कैसे हो दोस्त?”, उसने कहा “तुम बुरे हो” |

यह देख हमने भी अपने दरवाज़े बंद किये |और खुद में सिमट कर रह गए |

एक दिन कोई दरवाज़े पर खड़ा दिखा |उसने हाथ बढ़ाया और मुझसे पुछा “कैसे हो दोस्त” |

हमने भी उससे मुह फेर लिया और कह दिया “तुम बुरे हो” |

This is an endless cycle. There will be a time when people stops knocking your door.This sounds very sad but this is how our societies are becoming day by day. Ask yourself how many good friends you have now, with whom you shared your life? 2-1-none. The reason is not that people are bad out there but we are not ready to accept anyone. Did you ever think, how much are you available for your friends when they need you. How many times you make them feel that, you are still looking ahead and you haven’t gave up on them, you are still there to hold his/her and walk through the difficult crossroads?

The way we are evolving {its evolving or dissolving, don’t know} is not really good for future generation. Get back in time, when you were a kid. How many times did you fight for you friend back then? How many time did you tell lies to your parents for them? How many times did you bring chocolate for them? Count the instances. Opps, we just grew up. We have become more practical and yes independent too.

This is not an advice but a fact.

Making a friend just need a little push, it is not difficult. Come on, Open up !


One comment

  1. lol;
    A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit.

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