Monthly Archives: November 2009

I am coming !!!

I open my eyes for the first time and I can see some people around me.They are very happy and smiling. I want to touch them, hug them but I am helpless and I can just move my fingers but I can’t stand up on my knees, I can’t talk to them. I am just […]

Gifts for human !

We are are humans ! We have everything us. We are emotional, we are romantic, we can get angry, we feel happy, we feel sad, we have just too much of things to make our make our life special, spicy and worth living. Use all these feeling and make your life worth living. Life is […]


My friends sometimes make me feel sad but still I awe a lot to them….. You know why because whenever I am unhappy and sad, I feel like studying all day and when I study a lot it makes me feel good..See, they helped me intentionally or unintensionally in every way.. Bottomline: Make friends, it […]